• Our Operations

    The knowledge, skills and experience of INTEDECO has secured us an excellent business relationship with some leading oil companies. Some of our clients include Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria, Port Harcourt Refining Company Limited, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation and its subsidiaries, Total Fina Elf and the Niger Delta Development Commission.

    INTEDECO NIGERIA LIMITED is a well known Electrical and Flow Line Engineering company in the Oil and Gas sector. We have installed Transformers of different sizes ranging from 300KVA to 2.5MKVA for various communities. We have also constructed Transmission and Distribution Networks for the same sector. We have handled voltages ranging from 11KV to 132KV in different parts of Nigeria for the oil and gas sector and government agencies. INTEDECO has constructed several sub-stations and injection substations for our major clients "SPDC and PHCN"

    Recently we handled the construction of back-up power substations for Gbarantoru and Obunagha communities on behalf of the Bayelsa State Electricity Board (BSEB)/ Ministry of Energy by SPDC. The project involves the construction of two (2) substations, about 13KM HV lines and the installation of two (2) automatic transfer switch (ATS) panels built to specification

    We are currently in AMBER and progressing to GREEN in safety awareness and compliance in Electrical/Flow Line Construction Works


We are currently in partnership with Combustion Associates Incorporated (CAI) of USA, a major player in the building and installation of portable Gas Turbines. CAI spirit units can be built within six (6) to nine (9) months, from purchase order date.

The advantages of our Gas Turbines includes