INTEDECO participates in a variety of projects providing a wide range of services including provision of trained and skilled engineering personnel in mechanical, electrical, civil and environmental services. Some of our main service areas are:

  • Electricals/Instrumentation

    Circuit Beakers Actuators, Control Panels, Generators, Motor Controls, Power Suppliers, Power Transmission and Distribution

  • Welding/Fabrication

    Boilers and tankers, Pipelines and Cranes, Furnances, Heat Exchangers

  • Environmental Services

    Environmental Assessment & Remediation, Waste Management, Fumigation & Sanitation

  • Civil Engineering

    Building, Roads, Bridges, Water Facilities

  • Mechanical Engineering

    Compressor Agitators, Diesel and Gas Engines, Fans, Gears, Pumps, Steam Gas Turbines, Offshore/Flow Station Platforms

  • General Contracts

    Service contracts, Maintainance operations and contracts, etc